Psalm 17:8 // printable

posted on: 2.28.2014


I spent my morning listening to worship music & painting.
This verse seems to resonate within me. God protects me, He really does. I don't always think so, but I must stand faithful on His word. He protects and guards you like we protect and guard our eyes. His protection has far greater purposes than helping us avoid pain; it is to make us better servants. He guides us through our painful circumstances even though we would prefer He helped us escape them. Be still and know that He keeps you as the apple of his eyes.

This is a letter size (8.5x11/300dpi) printable for you to frame and keep as a reminder. If you want to be cool like me, print it out as a 4x6 and put it in your desk, or you can turn it into an iphone lock screen wallpaper.

Hope you're blessed.

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  1. Love this Ash! I'm definitely going to print and display this somewhere in my room =) Thanks for making and sharing!


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