about the Blog

This blog started in September of 2008. I was a senior in High School and getting over a bad breakup; this was sort of my journal. At the time, blogging was not 'popular' so I never really thought this blog would be discovered, but it did. Gradually, it transformed into letters I would write to myself—letters to look back on when sadness overwhelmed me or experiencing a writer's block. There is a lot of poetry scattered through the pages, a lot of divine revelations through my walk with God. You see a little girl who took hold of God's hand and has yet to let go. She is now a married lady who has seen God do more than what she thought capable of Him.
Think of this blog as a compilation of musings about learning to know God. Nothing else really matters in this life—it's what we're here for. I hope this blog inspires you to run to the Lord's Presence.

how to navigate this blog

This blog is divided in categories, located in the bottom left corner of the site. However, these are the most common labels:
Wisdom Wednesday//It showcases a pictures from my everyday life and a quote (from the books I'm currently reading) to inspire and encourage you to continue through the week. It's become one of my favorite things to look forward in the week.
Devotionals//These posts are reflections meant to compliment your devo time. Some are teachings, poems, or revelations from my intimate time with the Lord that I've felt freedom to share.
Faith Living//This is basically what living in faith looks like.
Personal//This ranges from personal struggles to just pictures I've taken.

Of course, because the last three items all intertwine in my life, you'll find a lot of these labels together in one post.