Lookbook, among other things

posted on: 9.08.2008

I got accepted at LookBook. Im very interested in taking some inspiration from it all! you should join too. It's all so better when you compliment your inspiration with Wear Palettes because the site helps you with color coordination, when it comes into pulling pieces together.

I finished reading Water for Elephants and i very much liked it. I started reading it on Aug. 28 and finished today, Sept. 8. I have to say its been the book ive read the longest so far by these last 2 months. I'd like to thank Viktoria for suggesting i read it after i was captivated by her photograph:

I've been procrastinating on my 365 project...i can't say i haven't tried, cause i have, but some days im just not in the mood or im cluttered with work that im just lazy afterwards.

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