posted on: 9.22.2008

Reading Disease....I've been bitten. It's Contagious too, so far, I've sucked around 4 people to this addiction.
Anyways, i read the following books recently :
I just started The shack and it seems pretty cool. I'll Later put My Must-Read list and "I recommend"Book list.

2 Smiles:

  1. aw! that is probably the nicest, sweetest thing anyone has ever commented to me. im SO glad that my blog made an impact in your life today. i know that sometimes people just need a little lift and quotes like that one always make me feel a little better. :) :) thanks girl!

  2. I've been bitten too. I9 think it's been 5 books in a week and a half now...
    I almost bought The Shack ! Tell me about it once your done.
    And what's the first one about ?


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