Heelarious Post

posted on: 1.08.2009

I've stumbled upon these recently:

"They Can't Kill Your Dreams,
So They Try & Assassinate Your Character."

"How do you go from talking to someone everyday,
to rarely acknowledging each other?"

"Ee all at our own age have to claim something,
even if it's only our own confusion. i am in the middle of growing
up and into myself."

"You don’t give up just because things get hard"
-Ryan Sheckler

"Love doesn't walk away, people do."

pictures from: Pavlunka, Magic & Miss Lulu
High Heels for toddlers? Apparently so! I would think it's totally cute, but i wouldn't like my daughter looking like a Minnie mouse...unless she was at Disney world.

yep, high heels for toddlers at heelarious.

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  1. your blog is so pretty, these pictures... ahhh! :)


  2. wonderful pictures! i love the quotes too.
    the one by ryan sheckler is so great; so simple & true.
    great post!!

  3. Horrible heels! I must say it! A kid is just a kid, not a doll!
    Love the quotes and the pics!;)

  4. Eeeeek such a pretty blog! I especialy love the third picture, and the pictures on the side. Hee hee. And I just adore your style. Keep up the good work!

  5. high heels for toddlers?? the world is going mad. Kids need to be kids. there's nohing cuter thana 5 year-old dressed like a 5 year-old, instead of a woman. What i would give to be able to wear poofy dresses and pink sandals with a bow in my head...


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