posted on: 3.02.2009

On the weekend, i saw Changeling & Chicago. I had seen neither and i did appreciate snuggling with my mom and enjoying those flicks. My mom is a bit sentimental because I'll be going off state to study so it's really bittersweet.

I was amazed at such a brilliant performance by Angelina Jolie in Changeling. I really liked it and would recommend.

Planning to see Slum dog Millionaire Soon, since it's been the newest rave around. Im curious to see.

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  1. Changeling is one of the best movies i've seen i'm my life. It's so outrageous, i felt like entering in the movie and knocking that cop that sent her in the hospital :( I blogged about it too, i even found the actual event it was based on ! So sad :(


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