Inspiring Five Monday: Believe in Yourself

posted on: 3.02.2009

You can't change that which you can't accept.

The greatest revenge is to accomplish what others say you cannot do.

Remember: you are the only person who thinks in your mind! You are the power and authority in your world.
-Louise Hay

Let's dare to be ourselves, for we do that better than anyone else can.
-Shirley Briggs

Faith is the cornerstone on which all great lives are built.

Inspirational Photographs from i.anton

p.s. The movie "The Ultimate Gift" is precious from beginning to end. It taught me life lessons and I was ministered by it. I definitely recommend. (Chris Halliwell is totally yummy in the flick!)
These are the gifts:
* The Gift of Work
* The Gift of Problems
* The Gift of Friends
* The Gift of Giving
* The Gift of Gratitude
* The Gift of Family
* The Gift of Learning
* The Gift of Money
* The Gift of Laughter
* The Gift of a Day
* The Gift of Dreams
* The Gift of Love (which leads to the Ultimate Gift)

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  1. Yes, I saw that movie at church. It was great... and i loves the quotes by the way. I'm often craving the power over my emotions.

  2. i love the photography in this post! its amazing! and i've never heard of that movie, but now that you mentioned it, i'll be sure to add that to my netflix list.


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