Monday of Glass

posted on: 4.27.2009

Quote of the Day:
"How was it to be unnoticed by the person you notice most?'s as if you were offering your most beautiful portrait to a blind person."

At Last! I ended the Mortal Instruments Trilogy by finishing City of Glass!! Great book, I'm really happy with the outcome of the story, although sad I've finished another great story. Moving on to "Masquerade" then (blue blood series).

Today i spent it with one of the few close friends i have. haven't seen her in a while so it was nice to hang with her for like 3 hours. She took me to Starbucks, so it's all good with me.

MMmmm...Sweetened Raspberry Passion Iced Tea

[Anyone getting bored of the header? I sure am!!! I will get rid of it soon.]

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  1. Ohh awesome! I love the Mortal Instruments series. I'd only discovered it about a month ago and have already read the books a few times =)

    I should try the Blue Blood series too.


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