A Pointless meaningful ride home

posted on: 4.28.2009

Every Tuesday i go to church to a rehearsal for new musicians. So i went. It's about a 25-30min ride from home to church, depending on traffic of course. I wasn't really wanting to go, but im responsible, or try to be.
So, I get there and....Guess what? no one is there. I called a few people from the group, no one picked up the phone. I looked through all the buildings to see if i spotted someone and, turns out, i didn't. I then decided to head back home.....I was tired and frustrated with school things i had to do, plus not to mention i didn't want to go. But It was a meaningful ride. Not pointless.

You see, when i was on my way to church, i started to pray. I prayed about my dreams, hopes, future, family, friends and i talked to God about how i felt about my life overall. God knew i needed the opportunity to talk to him and he carefully crafted how things would turn out. I asked for his blessings and for my eyes and heart to be opened to his grace and what he had stored for me. I thank Him for the pointless ride, because I needed this. He needed it. That drive was calm and full of His Peace.

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
— Eleanor Roosevelt

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  1. i just discovered your blog today and i am in love with it! :)
    i know what you mean though, i love taking drives to nowhere, it's the best time to think


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