posted on: 8.03.2009

This image starts my 365. It was my thought when i was up in the sky, with a new home as a destination.

Leaving what I know for new adventures;
Regret nothing, For I have not experienced yet.
Faith is what i breathe; the oxygen in my lungs.
I know God will bless me, For taking his hand on this road.
I have my skecthbook, the suitcase version of my closet, my iPod, my camera...
But am I really prepared for what's ahead?

Written on July 31, 2009.

And yes, i think I am

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  1. Lol, where are you going, if I may ask?? Hope you have fun wherever it is! Btw, love what you wrote.


    PS: I wonder what clouds feel like too!

  2. That is amazing and dreamlike. That image and what you wrote is just beautiful!

  3. Good luck in college!! That will be me next year... It's great that you're being so optimistic about it though, I think that will make it ten times easier.

  4. Good luck in college - love this photo!

  5. that's great.
    and now that you mention it, i do wonder what clouds taste like ;D


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