Joing the CAUSE: 09.09.09

posted on: 8.06.2009

9ine Countup from danDifelice on Vimeo.

What? A day of giving that will make Speed The Light history.
When? 9.9.9 is Wednesday, September 9, 2009
The Challenge? If 90,000 students (just 1 in every 4) gave an $100 to Speed The Light on 9.9.9 there would be $9 million to strategically meet our missionaries' equipment needs, accelerating the spread of the gospel and the fulfillment of His cause.

Watch the 9ine Stop Motion Promo here
9ine Commitment:
"With God's help I will give $100 in a special Speed the Light offering on 09.09.09."

I know I could use $100 right now, since 99% of all college students (especially freshman) are broke. But I dare YOU to dream big, because this cause is a blessing to the receivers as well as the givers. You could even make a group to raise this money if you feel that you need to share the dream. I joined this cause and somehow, one way or another I will have this money by 9.9.9

& if you can't cooperate financially, at least:
Help spread the word around!

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  1. What a wonderful cause! I was part of a Faith Promise pledge some years ago, and the amount God placed in my heart for the next 6 months was incredibly difficult to fulfill, but at the end of it, He provided MORE THAN ENOUGH for me and to fulfill the pledge. I'm sure that as you trust in the Lord to provide, He will bless you in more ways than one. :)

    Ashes, thank you also for you wonderful and sweet comments, always. You and your blog are really precious to me, too! Really. :)) And of course you can print that photo and put it in your journal. It would be an honour for both Chloe (the photog) and I! Thank you so much, sweetie. I'm loving your 365 so far, by the way.

    As for the novels, I highly recommend Where Rainbows End by Cecelia Ahern. It's quite a different love story and made me tear quite a number of times (could've been PMS, i don't know HAHA). Hope you're more than well, lovely! xx

  2. Wow this is really inspiring and thought provoking. You really have so much faith and belief that God will make a way. Plus it's to further His cause.

    I know that whenever I give above my tithes and offerings I'm never within and in fact I am usually more fulfilled.

    This is truly inspiring as you are.

  3. Hey! Thanks for your post!
    I like your blog and I like that you talk about movies I wanna see like Away we go, Dieta Mediterrania, Alice in Wonderland, The Time Traveler's Wife... I actually saw (500) days of Summer and I loooooooved it!!! :)


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