Thrift Adventures

posted on: 10.16.2009

On tuesday my friends randomly invited me to go thrift shopping. I wanted to buy a dress for the Masquerade (coming up in two weeks) and a few accessories to go with it. Turns out I found a romper swimsuit, 2 pair of shoes, a fabulous dress, pearl earrings and a purse. I officially LOVE Goodwill! Especially since it all went under budget.
The dress has a mermaid cut in the bottom. It's a light green with beads all over it (it cost $9.07, but the label suggest the dress was around $125). I'm in love with it. Here are some pictures from that day

On our way there.

This was the previews dress I was going to buy. Reminds me of Pride and Prejudice for some reason

All I ended up trying

"THE" dress

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