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posted on: 10.20.2009

It's so nice to get mail. It's extremely nice to get mail when you're in love. In love.
In love with the weather, the way the wind feels against my bare neck, the way words move in my head to form ideas, the time I spend knowing people, the warmth that comes from much needed hugs, the way that people I care for provoke laughter in me, the way a stranger smiles at me without knowing the pain and hurt I've experienced or the battles I fight each day, the way God makes me feel when I spend time getting to know Him and being grateful for all that He does in my life and the people He blesses me with, and the way this post is not only an inspiration but a refreshing word of someone like you who found love. Helplessly and hopelessly in Love. Love changes you. Because when you're wildly in Love with Someone, it changes everything.

Thank You Amy for your letter, it encouraged me greatly. I'm glad you find my ongoing romantic pursue with God to inspire your relationship with Him. It's a Divine romance. It's better than anything and anyone. It's better than having everything in this world offered at your feet. It's better than a written song, a hurt friendship, clothing and popularity. It means being overwhelmed with desire to be better for God, despite Him loving you the way you are. I need nothing more. You need nothing more.

Amy, you made me realize that my life made a difference in your life. It wasn't about me, but through me, that you desired a change in your life. I love you girl, count on my prayers. God is not leaving you now.

[p.s. thank you for the CD]

"The world moves for love, it kneels before it in awe."
- The village

"No matter what anyone tells you; words and ideas can change the world."
- Dead poets society

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