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posted on: 12.31.2009

2009: A year filled with changes, lost friends, new friends, trips, challenges, accomplishments, failures, books, college and a new place to live. It was a great year, despite hardships. It was an amazing year. The year my health was completely restored. The year my dad was free in Christ and in life. The year where I met beautiful people that helped me through my walk. The year I learned to let go of the things that didn't help me move on. It was a year of growth, of romance. The year I let God pursue me. Yes, lovely 2009. Thank You Lord for 2009.

But now it is time for new blessings and changes. 2010 is just a few hours away. I'm going to embrace 2010 with all my might. For better or worse.
I know it's going to be an amazing year. Who would've thought I'd be in the same place I was in 2008, receiving a new year? This place is no longer my main home, but it pleased God for me to be here and bless the one's I've grown with in 2009. I'm not the same person I was 5 months ago, much less a year ago. But I'm smiling for this new year.

2010, take a walk with me. Charm me with all things new.

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  1. Me alegro mucho por tu papa :)
    q Dios t continue benciendo chica :)


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