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posted on: 3.30.2010

"For the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go" -Joshua 1:9

This is the quote in front of my journal. I bought a journal September 27, 2009 because I felt that I needed to write my story and what God was going to do in my life the first year of college. He did lead me far from home and I knew that there was more in store for me. It's crazy how I already devoured the pages with ink! Today I bought a new journal, knowing that my journey has not yet finished and I have still a lot to learn, but reading through my entries from last year, I'm in awe. God was there from the start and everything and everyone inside my journal had and has a purpose in my life even when I didn't think anything of it. It brings me to tears to see my cries for help, thoughtful words, friendships built and encounters with God written down each moment without knowing what would happen the next day. I made promises to God that I have kept and I've seen the blessings from my obedience.
Life is a journey and the end of my freshman year is getting closer with each day that passes. I can't wait to write in the upcoming days! Reading back through these journals in the next few years will be interesting (probably very embarrassing to have my future husband read).

I challenge you to go buy a journal, if you don't have one, and if you do, to write more in detail about your day so that there is proof that your life was lived fully, daily, and that most of your days were not a waste.

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