I am Restless.

posted on: 3.24.2010

I am tired, weary and beaten down. I cry out for a friend and the emptiness of the room made me realize I was alone. I can't run to my family. I can't run to the people I grew up with. It was God and me. It was dark, cold and windy. I felt like a sinking boat with a hopeless end. I still do. But God is faithful and I must hold on to the hope and promises He offers. Otherwise, I shall perish in the deep sea of sin of a comfortable and compromised life.

When I can't sleep, I just write.

I just write.

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  1. Through the strong winds of the storm do we gain strength. Otherwise the slightest breeze would cause us to topple over.

    oh and listen to Josh Groban "You Are Loved" :)


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