Oh what a day is today!

posted on: 3.16.2010

Today the weather has been lovely, the sun has been kind;
I can feel it getting warmer, the flowers open up and smile.
Oh what a day to feel alive!

My day started off with a comfy outfit: a blue striped button shirt and some jeans. I wore the bracelet and headband my designer friend made me a few years ago (compliments never cease when I wear them).[ By the way, I just bought this nail polish called marine blue and it is fantastic!! It really lasts.]
I went to encounter and had an overall relaxed morning, followed by reading God's Word (at the moment, I'm digging in Hosea) and lunch with Gaby. My psych class started off kinda weird. The teacher looked...some what weird. Turns out, as my intuition told me, he had been sick for the past couple of days with the stomach flu. Overall, we started to cover a chapter on friendship and relationships, so I wasn't that excited for class. But, man oh man, my teacher spoke into my life through that class. I can't believe God still uses him, even when he's sick! It was a great class. The class after that? Not so much.

anyways, I made some tea and decided to take some pictures outside because it felt so good and it seemed like everyone on campus was enjoying it.

One of my very good and close friend let me borrow the book she had recently finished and I'm so excited to start reading it! I know God is going to capture my heart as I read through it.

Today was a good day. Today was different. but not the usual different that makes things awkward and bad. It was a good different. It was calm as chai.

Which reminds me, I should finish my tea.

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