Oh, Saturday

posted on: 4.17.2010

I was having one of those days: you don't know if you're tired, or restless, but you just need a change. I wanted to change scenery as I did homework. So When I woke up, I made up my mind to go to to the city and just explore. I took homework with me, hoping I could catch up, but in reality I just wanted to explore. I loaded my Canonet with black and white film and I was set to document the city I've called my home for the past 8 months. I saw a documentary yesterday called "Born into brothels" that basically tells the stories of a few kids in the brothels of India through this woman who taught them photography and brought hope to them. Not all the stories end on a happy note, but their photography said so much about their reality and surroundings that it truly inspired me to just not take for granted the opportunities I've been given to live in a city like the one I live in, even if it's just for 3 more years.

It's always good and inspiring to change your atmosphere when you start to grow indifference. And if you can't really get away where you live, try doing something new: like going on a picnic in your backyard or reading stories to the flowers (it may sound a little crazy but it's actually fun and relaxing..plants are living things too you know). We went to an antique shop and then to a local coffee shop that serves the best hot cocoa ever! [I didn't have hot cocoa today, though. I wanted to explore and taste something new]

The Chai Latte was delightful and people watching always brightens the day. My friend sparrow had a strawberry smoothie that was runner up to my chai, yumm. Days like these are the most memorable.

I invited my friends to come with me if they wanted and to my surprise, they came! I don't do adventures like these anymore because I think to myself that no one is really that adventurous to do so. A lot of the people I've met here are very 'safe' or the extreme opposite, 'dangerous'. I was glad to know who I could count with :)

The local coffee shop we went to has an art gallery every month. This one is called "Talk is Cheap" by Jordan Weiland. The letters are actually sugar, it was pretty impressive!

Be spontaneous, it's a great de-stressor.
a girl with a smile

[p.s. I love to doodle on java cups]

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  1. Looks like a fun day! :)
    Let's go on an adventure before summer is upon us!


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