Thrifting Thursday

posted on: 4.15.2010

I'm starting a blog celebration for Thursdays! Thrifting Thursday!
Last Saturday I went to a nearby Goodwill I had never been before. It's around 8 minutes from home and they have some really good stuff!
I bought these:

For $4.99, I got the bag I've been looking for, for the past 2 years!

And a pair of metallic blue heels!

As the first "Thrifting Thursday" post, I want to share with you some tips on thrifting:

1. Decide if you're the sort of person who likes thrift store shopping. Thrift stores require a lot of rummaging, which can be time-consuming and tiring. You must have perseverance, determination, patience and grit.

2. Decide what time is best for you to go. You need at least a spare hour, maybe two. Since rummaging requires energy, choose the time of day when you feel strong and energetic. Some stores are open at night or weekends. Nights are good because fewer people go then. Weekends are likely to be busier. Sales days are the busiest.

3. Search online for thrift stores and secondhand stores in your area. The bigger the city, the more treasures you'll find. Searching online gives you an idea of how close the retail stores are and, often, you will find reviews from other people that helps you know what the store is like. [Thrift Shopper & Goodwill are great search engines]

4. Ask for specials, clearance sales and how to get discounts. I've been thrifting for 2 years now, and I was just recently informed about how students with ID get 10% off! They also told me how anything with yellow tags had 50% off. Also, ask about sales and coupons. Sign up for any coupons or flyers the thrift store may send out periodically to those on their mailing list.

5. There are two ways to shop. The first is that you have come with an object in mind, for example, a pair of jeans. So head straight to the area where the jeans are and look with that in mind alone. The second way is that you have no idea what you're looking for, as long as it fits, is gorgeous and is a total bargain. In this case, start at the beginning and pick up anything that catches your eye and possibly try it on in the dressing room. Things look way different off the hanger.

6. Be honest with yourself even before trying on the item. Do you really like the style overall - the arms shape, the leg flare, the neck plunge etc? Is it really your color? Will it match with clothes you already own? Also be honest with yourself about whether you would really make any alterations or repairs necessary before you would wear it.

7. Try shopping with a friend who you trust so won't you get frustrated with the time you will be taking. It can help to get another opinion and you'll be less likely to leave the store with something that looks awful, or something that you don't actually like. If you're having absolutely no luck, it's good to have a friend along so you can show them all the humorously horrible things you find.

8. Check out the accessories. You'll find belts, purses, luggage, shoes, hats, and even jewelry (usually the costume variety) at a fraction of their regular prices.

9. Before buying an item, take a good look at it. Did somebody get rid of it for an obvious reason, or is it in good shape? Is it stained? Does it have any holes or tears that can't be easily fixed?

10. Buy your clothes. Wash your clothes. You can't be sure they're really clean.

[Enjoy your creativity, thriftiness, and making the world a better place by donating money and items. Second-hand is no longer second-best; it is about sharing wants & needs with others around the world.]

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  1. what a great idea and series -- thrifting thursday... i like the sound of that.

    i enjoy a good thrifting spree myself and feel lucky that the salvation army is right down the street. your new purse is cute. :)


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