posted on: 5.18.2010

“Failures” are not meant to be stop signs, but rather road signs that indicate we are “Under Construction.”

“Failures” need not increase our fear; God wants to use them to increase our faith and dependency on Him.

Our reaction to past failures, unrealized dreams, regrets, mistakes…and our fear of future failures can keep us from becoming the people God created us to be and doing the things he created us to do. God is the Master Weaver, using everything—including our “failures”—to create a pattern only He can see. Some failures require that we confess sin and disobedience before healing can begin. Other failures are simply the result of being in a learning mode. God is at work in every facet of our lives, wanting to use all of our experiences to bring us closer to Himself. Our part is to trust Him and to ask Him to show us what we need to learn in order to grow. Your “failures” may very well become the centerpiece of a beautiful design God is creating in your life.

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