The reason behind her smile

posted on: 5.15.2010

"A smile is a symbol of acceptance and approval which is something that most of the people in the world desperately need."
- Joyce Meyer

Smiling. It went from hobby to occupation. Smiling represents joy, comfort, hope and all things pretty. I discovered my smile a few years ago, after battling depression. I was about to jump off the ledge when I heard God's voice speak sweetly to my heart. He said to smile because He was going to take care of me. And from that day on, I smile. I gave my will in exchange for His. He in return gave me delight.
Things have been tough and I've gone through situations that would've excused attempting suicide but God has been faithful and He has always given me reasons to smile. It's my own way to spice up the world. To be salt (Matt. 5:13).
If you ever ask me the reason why I smile, I have to be truthful: God is. He enables me to glorify Him, to shine beauty, through my smile. When I worship, you will see me smile. When I feel Him near, you will see me smile. When He blesses me, you will see me smile. When all else fails, He will make smile.

I love sharing my smile. I like to believe that laughter is the language of smiles; you can't laugh without inevitably smiling. And we all know that laughter is one of the healthiest things your body can do. It heals, soothes, eases and calms the mind.

The world is a place full of darkness, broken dreams, lost hope and perversion. My blogs are attempts to share my smile, to inspire others to do the same. Maybe I help start a revolution that changes lives and brings them closer to the Creator and Maker of smiles. Or maybe, just maybe, it saves your life. I know it saved mine.

a girl with a smile

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  1. Hi smily girl :)
    Your post as usual is really touching and inspiring. I am in awe of the wisdom you seem to possess. Its way beyond your years. I smile when i read your thoughts and look from your eyes :)


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