Remember the days

posted on: 5.04.2010

She grew up in a city where summer never left. The boys were rude and silly, while the girls grew their hair long and were dressed as if they just came out of a magazine. Dancing was a tradition; not a ritual. Some say that the secret to their hips was dancing the night away ever since they were born. She was born with light skin and fuzzy hair but her mother was a mermaid and exposed her to the sun's caress. The sun kissed my skin and I still wear the memory of that romance. As she got older she befriended the sea, sand, books and stars that became the home of her heart. In any element she would worship the Artist, the Creator of this world. Their relationship existed before she knew His name and He was merciful to call her His beloved. His love for her was unexplainable but immense. She learned to love Him as well, as the days went.

Today, life is an adventure for the young girl who grew in the city where summer never left. She is not so young, but at the same time she is. She enjoys quiet moments with others and the smell of chai tea in a warm sunny day. She no longer uses reading as an escape; she fall in love with the words in each page. She has connected with others and has been abandoned by few; her heart stopped aching for those who knew her not.

She's an artist. She's becoming the reflection of the Creator, creating things and bringing something beautiful to those who have lost hope, courage and all things magical that have the power to change the reality of this fallen world.

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  1. how lovely! you're writing is just charming..


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