Wednesday brought new things

posted on: 5.05.2010

Yes! It's finally Wednesday! That means that I only need to take two more finals before I can begin my summer adventures. Yesterday I was feeling creative and so now my blog has a new layout. It was about time! I really like this one.

I'm faced with new decisions: deleting flickr, tumblr & facebook. I think I'm only gonna keep twitter, an online portfolio of my photography and this blog. I'm done with networking sites and publicly describing the events of my life. I'll still do that here but in a much more general sense and less details. Plus, I want to experience the offline life more: writing, reading and creating beauty.

Well, off to live another day!

Blessings and peace,
a girl with a smile

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  1. I'm considering something similar. Just keep in touch, okay. :)

  2. i've been the thinking the same too... weird...


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