Call me a Romantic

posted on: 8.20.2010

"Contrary to popular opinion, romance is not a relationship- although it can add fullness and spice and excitement to a connection between two people. Romance is not heart and flowers and violins, although an evening of hearts and flowers and strings can be soaringly romantic. Romance is instead an attitude, a set of habits, a way of encountering the world. You are a romantic when savoring experience is a priority for you, when you're willing to invest time and energy into making experiences more vivid and memorable."
- Thomas Kinkade

I love God. And I love life. To wake up each day with excitement and curiosity, wondering what new thing I will discover from the Lover of my soul that day is certainly a cheerful way to live. I don't always succeed at being hungry to experience the fullness of all God has for me, but I make it a goal to do so. I mean, I'm only given a certain time here on earth and it's pretty exciting to wake up alive to a new day. And I believe every day is an opportunity to discover more of Him. Thomas Kinkade was on to something when he said that being a romantic is all about an attitude. An attitude on how you face trials, challenges and blessings. This is something I'm still learning because when you're caught up in the epic adventure of a God-centered life, life never goes the way you want or plan and sometimes that is hard to deal with...very hard to deal with.
But that should never stop us from approaching life with beauty, romance and a Christ-centered attitude. After all, we live in a broken world and we have to be a little creative to find beauty out of the ugliest places and situations. Trust me, I know what I'm saying. I'm still discovering and growing in this area of my life, but I want my journey to be an adventure of romance and beauty with my Creator, regardless of how, when, where and which path I have to walk on. This is why I love to capture moments with my camera; I can take a God-given opportunity and keep the beauty of that particular moment. It's a gift. Plus, you never know when you'll be able to have a moment like that with the people you had it with. So, call me a romantic. I live with my eyes open to beauty and romance.

Leslie Ludy said this about the romance of life: "The more we awaken the romance of life, the more sacred and meaningful life becomes."

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  1. this is so true and so beautiful. thank you for posting this! <3


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