16 de Septiembre

posted on: 9.16.2010

The question for all of us today is, how can we not want to be near a Father who writes love letters to us, who tells us he yearns to be with us, who’s always ready to embrace us, who says he has nothing but good thoughts about us? In spite of our foolishness, he assures us, “Satan may tell you you’re useless, but I say you are my joy!”
- David Wilkerson

I saw Letters to Juliet today. It was nice. I delighted myself in the scenery, the romance and her simple outfits. Not a "WOW FAVORITE MOVIE" type of film, but I quite enjoyed it. I guess you could say I savored it. I like the quote: "There's only one (enter your name here) in the world. Don't waste 50 years without her." The plot is developed through the courage that enables you to pursue true love. Some of us are lucky enough to not have to travel so far to find it. But, enough said about that. Job interviews I had this week went really good. I think so, anyways. I just keep declaring God's favor in my life and I trust that He will lead me through the doors He opens and no one else can close. Because in the end, life is really all about Him.

p.s. Thank you to all who commented me, wishing me the best. I can only hope for you to enjoy my posts and the little wisdom I have to share with you. It's encouraging to know I'm making a difference, even if it's just in the life of a few.

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  1. Im so glad your interviews went good! thats such a good feeling isnt it?
    Oh my goodeness im just travel/findyourself/true love kind of person so when i saw letters to juliet i LOVED it so much it made me so jealous and once again gave me travel anxiety ! but it was a really good movie ! and i loved everything about it too.
    follow me ?


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