The list

posted on: 9.17.2010

1. I haven't had time to enjoy a nice cup of tea. But I will today!
2. They called me from a job, however it is not the retail store one
3. I finally sat down & journal today
4. Read chapters 13-17 from the book of Matthews and enjoyed it! Jesus is amazing.
5. I'm enjoying another Leslie Ludy book
6. Psalm 37:4 is becoming my daily reminder
7. Might go and feed the homeless tomorrow, and I'm so excited for that
8. I made a Hope box and I think I'll do a tutorial soon
9. I found the most amazing handmade bag for $7
10. I need to organize my room...pronto

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I LOVE the soft touch, girliness, and almost noir feel of this photo. LOVE IT!


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