Out on a date

posted on: 9.08.2010

It seems like today I'll be going on a date with a book, the blue hammock and a cup of lemon tea (courtesy of Splenda). Before I do so, I have to get ready because this week is busy as a bee! My caretakers will be out of town and that means I have to run the house and the ministry (not to mention the extra stuff I already do). I'm looking forward to the weekend and the opening of my online shop!!! Without further delay, here's the winner to the giveaway.

3 Smiles:

  1. Ooooh what kind of shop will you be opening? I just opened an Etsy shop and it's exciting! Good luck with everything, you sound so busy!

  2. WOWOWEEE! One great morning, when I opened my email I was surprised that I am the winner of your give-away! The truth is I'm not expecting something like this today. I will email you my address right away. Thank you, Thank you & Thank you so much!:)

    God Bless!

  3. Sounds like a lovely day to me!! :)


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