My thoughts on: Modesty

posted on: 9.07.2010

The immodest woman is someone who:
1. tries to attract men by showing off what she has.
2. tries to attract women by showing off how much she's spent on what she has.
She is the by product of a bad heart.

The disorder is not on her outside, it's really on her inside.

Modesty is the result of a pure heart; a heart that secures its identity in Jesus.
Modesty is supposed to be taught by the older woman to the younger ones. A man cannot tell a woman how to be a woman. They weren't created for that. A woman teaches another to be what God designed her to be. Same with men. A woman cannot affirm his identity.
The art of modesty is learned and perfected throughout a lifetime. Do not judge others for their immodesty; they may have never been taught. Be an example and teach it to others if you are in the position and availability to do so.

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  1. Love this post--excellent! Every word of it is so true.

  2. Thankyou for your words! Your blog is so refreshing and challenging! Please visit mine when you have a moment xo

  3. Interesting! But there are people who doesn't want to
    learn. I think we should just respect them. I also think
    this kind of people is rough to live with and there's why
    we feel this need to judge them...


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