Garden of beauty and life

posted on: 11.11.2010

"Come near to God and he will come near to you. Wash your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double-minded."
- James 4:8

God has given us the job of nurturing and taking care of that which He has created. He is the One who created beauty.
Our hearts are like beautiful gardens. We have to do our best to protect and keep clean our hearts. He asks us to keep it pure from guilt, wrong motives and distracting affections. But because our hearts were created beautiful and God values it so much, the enemy will often try to attack it. We must guard our hearts against his tactics. Actually, his weapons may seem harmless, meaningless and even attractive, making it harder for us to keep our gardens untouched and blooming.

Dear readers, I desire for your hearts to be filled with the One who has all we need. If your heart has empty spaces to be filled you are at risk! There has to be something very special about the heart because when God asks for your heart, He asks for all of it. He wants to fill every space, every corner, with Himself. After all, He is the One with the power to complete you. Only when we are completely satisfied in Him will we be able to selflessly give our lives for others.
The world may look at outward appearance, and to it, you may seem happy and fulfilled. But God looks at the heart and He sees you for you: empty. Choose Him today, above anything else. Choose to be filled with Him & His glory. You will be filled.
Your heart will be a garden that blooms beauty for all to see.

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