posted on: 11.15.2010

I was headed somewhere, when I heard someone called my name.
"Have you ever felt the Holy Spirit?", the boy asked. He was about 10 yrs old.
"Yes. Have you?", it was more an intriguing question than anything. I wanted to see what this boy was willing to share with me.
"'s incredible. I feel Him near when I pray, when I worship. It's so heavy. God has a plan for my life and I'm excited because He is going to do something special with me", he confessed.
I thought about his words. I was amazed by such a beautiful display of wonder toward my Lover. I couldn't believe a boy had grasped so much about God at such a young age.
"The Lord is going to do amazing things with you, I'm sure of it. But be careful now. The world is at war with you. There is an enemy that will try hard against you. Protect your relationship with God with your very life. Don't let anyone harm it!" I lovingly warned him.
"It's true. But, I love God. He's my best friend", he assured me, as if the very fact that he loved God was all he needed.
I smiled. "Yeah, He's my best friend too."
Whatever drove him to share this with me escapes me. But I'm glad he did. His response fanned the flame within me. I am enthralled. I'm afraid I've done a terrible job at painting the moment for you; the way he expressed himself to me was fascinating. He spoke of such love with expressions I will never capture in words or photographs. Simply impossible to! He couldn't contain his love.

As quickly as he had come, he left. I was standing there, re-living the scene one more time. Exactly where I was headed before I was interrupted, I'm not sure. All I wanted to do was run hard after God.

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  1. "He's my best friend"
    How absolutely amazing.

  2. Beautiful story. Such encouragement. Have a lovely day ahead!

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