posted on: 11.26.2010

Fridays are special to me. Not because it means the start of a weekend, but because I get to reflect on my previous week. Yes. I can pour a cup of tea and just relive memories. I'm so thankful for the priveledge.

Here are the highlights of my week:
  • Cleaning
  • Enjoying a Bollywood film
  • Hearing what my family is thankful for
  • Getting a postcard from Italy
  • Being halfway done with a scarf
  • Gifting myself a new phone (yay for black friday sales)
  • Catching up with dear friends
  • Enjoying a church service that strengthens my faith
  • Red roses and sunflowers
  • The weather is still in its 70s
  • Deep Worship 
  • Bike rides in the neighborhood, admiring Christmas decorations
  • Fellowship
  • Knowing there are always things to be grateful for
But above all, I am most thankful for the cross. Jesus, my One True Love, drank my punishment and endured the wrath of God for me. He loved me even when I was His enemy. Salvation cost Him everything so that it wouldn't cost me anything. How thoughtful! I can only praise Him as I realize that many are enduring persecution and trials for His sake. It is by His grace that I can worship Him freely in this country. Thank You, Everlasting Father. May you equip me for the call, your purpose and will.

And now, fall turns its back to me. A new season is coming, and I'm to receive it with a smile. Au revoir fall, you were good to me.

Au revoir fall.

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