In honor of Mrs. Elliot

posted on: 12.21.2010

It's Elisabeth Elliot's birthday today. In honor of such a lovely woman of God, this post is filled with her grand wisdom and a few pictures of what's been going on lately in with me. Why? Well, because her wisdom has influenced my life. Enjoy!

"When the will of man acts in accord with the will of God, that is faith. When the will of man acts in opposition to the will of God, that is unbelief."

"Our struggles are God's call: come to Me."

"Discipline is the believer's answer to God's call. It is the recognition, not the solution to his problem or the supply of his needs, but of his Master."

"Some are able to see the image of Christ in ordinary people and radiance in common things, while other cannot see either as anything but common."

"The Christ-like mind counts for nothing what the world hold dears and holds as all-important what the world counts for nothing."

"If we take each question, doctrine, problem straight into the presence of Christ, who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and ask, 'Which way to the Kingdom of Heaven?' the answer will be there."

"Counsel that contradicts the written Word is ungodly counsel."

"The power of God is manifest not in the wisdom of the wise (the philosopher? the scientist? the critic? the psychiatrist?) nor in the prudence of the prudent (the politician? the successful businessman? the tax advisor?) but in Christ- Christ nailed on the cross. What could appear more utterly useless and foolish to the world than that? Who could call on a man on a cross for wisdom? See where it got him! But it was the cross that saved us. Christ was nailed to the cross in order that we might no longer live for ourselves, but for God."

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  1. You look beautiful, and I'm happy you liked the Christmas presents! :) Such fun tok boxing with you the other day :) miss you!! Have a very Merry Christmas, dear!! xoxo


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