posted on: 3.11.2011

"We do not give anything to God until we give everything to God."
He wants your 100%. Less will not be enough.

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  1. Great quote! My youth minister once told me, Jesus plus nothing= Everything. It is always great remembering He is our reason for everything we do and nothing else matters. :)

  2. This quote speaks to me! Couldn't have read this at a better time, becuase this is what I've been learning about all week...

    Thanks, as always.

  3. So simple. So true.

  4. You've probably heard that song by Hillsong called "With Everything" and I think it speaks exactly your point here. It's really and incredible song. Especially the Hillsong tour 2009 version!
    I'm also going to be giving a message on this! Small world, big God!

  5. Amen!:-) It's a scary thing sometimes to give everything to Him, but it's a beautiful thing too! xoxo


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