a broken statement

posted on: 4.13.2011

I can just make a statement? Only the broken can be holy. This is what I am meditating upon. This is what the Lord is teaching me. "Lord, why must I be broken to be holy?... is there no other way?" I asked. "Beloved, only the broken recognize that it was their sin that nailed Him there." Do you know what it means to be broken?
To be broken means to have no rights before God and man. It does not mean merely surrendering my rights to Him but rather recognizing that I haven't any, except to deserve hell. It means just being nothing and having nothing that I call my own, neither time, money, possessions or positions.

There is no other way but brokenness. To be broken means to be 'not me, but Christ'. It is at the foot of the Cross that we see a picture of true brokenness. We see the pierced hands and feet of Him who laid His will for me. In brokenness I was made free. There is no prayer that God is so quick to answer as the prayer that He might break us.
If you find yourself in a patch of unbrokenness, the only way is to go afresh to Calvary and see Christ broken for you and you will come away willing to be broken for Him.

How hungry for the Lord are you? It is not enough to just love Him if we will not give Him our lives in total surrender and be made holy. If you feel like you're satisfied with where you are with the Lord, let me remind you that you are dust. That you will fade. That you will expire. That God is infinite and eternal. To wonderful and majestic for you to fully comprehend. There is more to uncover and know about Him. Let Him break you and strip you from your pride & flesh, from all those fleeting things you invest your attention in. Because in the end, only the broken can be holy and only the holy ones will enter the kingdom of heaven. Isn't that what really matters?

[Quotes from The Road to Calvary]

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  1. This post is such a beautiful and convicting reminder! Thank you for sharing your heart!

  2. What an amazing reminder. This is SO HARD to accept. I don't know if I'm fully there yet in a state of brokenness. It's a process and a journey....

  3. In my weakness He is made strong, and I am more than honored to give Him the glory for this.

  4. Such a word of wisdom and conviction!

  5. Ahhh, such beauty in the broken. xoxo


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