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posted on: 10.21.2011

Why I Blog: The Little Lessons

Why do I blog? The question occasionally drifted through my mind, and I would find myself perplexed. Still, I never truly formed an answer to the question until one day I was blatantly asked “what is blogging useful for?” one late afternoon. I realized that I literally spend hours on blog posts, writing, and trying to make my blog look appealing – but all at once I could not find the answer for, “why do I do it?”

Though the Lord still has not revealed the full answer to that question yet, He is slowly peeling away at it. I am realizing He almost never gives me all the reasons at once, but He gave me a small morsel of the answer, and I am content. You see, my blog did not begin with a solid purpose; I was, like many others, a teen looking for something fun and creative to do. I loved writing and literature, and I found blogging to be a useful outlet to express my passion for it with the occasional inspirational post here and there.

However, after two years of mediocre blog posts, things began to change. I realized that writing was something I wanted to pursue seriously: that was when my little blogging hobby looming in the background caught my eye, and God suddenly began showing me it could grow into something far greater then I could have dreamed. Once I dove in, I found myself captivated; through blogging I was suddenly able to capture all the singular, kinky moments in life that make it so sweet. Then I fell in love with photography, with DIYs, and even editing my blog’s template through HTML! It all rushed up like a torrent, but through it all I had an inward Peace.

The Lord has given young women so many unique talents. Through blogging, many gifted Christian young women share those abilities through pictures and words. However, when Christian’s share experiences through blogging, other areas of their lives cannot help but permeate through; and the amazing gospel of Jesus Christ cannot help but shine through their lives, as they write and talk and share. A wise teacher of mine once said that whatever hobby I do or vocation I work in, I will always have a ministry. Christians who are walking with their Savior and desiring to glorify Him cannot help but reflect His love in everything they do.

Whether therefore you eat, or drink, or whatsoever you do, do all to the glory of God.
1 Corinthians 10:31

Through blogs, I have continually been lifted up by the edification of other Sister’s in Christ. I have read of their experiences, have felt their pain, their joy, their victory dances. Through blogging I have been able to share those incidences and the little lessons He teaches me daily. Whenever I read about the little lessons other young Christian ladies are learning, it inspires me to pray for them, to grow more, to keep glorifying my Savior who is so ever-faithful. This is the part of blogging which makes it so very, utterly sweet. We have a connection through His Spirit, and blogging can often times bring us together into a community of people we may never meet, but we can minister to. There can be a side of blogging that goes beyond the pictures and words. I find that if I allow myself to become transparent, to talk about things of God which truly matter, the Lord is able to take blogging and use it for His glory.

When I clicked “publish” and began my blog, I had no idea that it would bring me down this adventurous road; and though I still do not fully comprehend why I am blogging, I know that I have a strong love and desire to pursue it which bubbles from Him. It’s my little place to write, to upload photos, to share events that are happening in my life; and the culminating joy is to share the Truth about the life Jesus Christ is offering each person lovingly, freely.

Catch Kimberly's everyday life as she enjoys her days of lovely simplicity on her blog Amusing. Her blog is an inspiration to me, a personal favorite you could say. Her blog is full of eye candy pictures taken mostly by herself.  She also handcrafts beauty and sells them at her etsy shop.

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  1. this is the truest statement ever.

    blogging is to glorify, to express, to speak the King's words.

    i love this.

  2. Love this! It's something I can personally relate to

  3. What a sweet heart! :) Thanks for sharing her!

  4. gr8 gr8 post!! and that scripture quote is def one of my fav!!

  5. i love this post. what a great role to share about.

  6. I tottally agree with you. Anything we do, it suppose to be glorify His name.


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