posted on: 10.07.2011

"When we don't receive what we pray for or desire, it doesn't mean God isn't acting on our behalf. Rather, He's weaving his story."  –Paul Miller, A Praying Life
Remember this post? Or this one? Well, it's been a long time since that happened. I remember it like it was yesterday! God called me to school out of state and I was going to be commuting to this said school. However, there was a tiny detail missing: I had no vehicle. I had no money. And school started in two weeks. You better believed I prayed. Just a few days letter from that blog post, I had a car.
I learned that God will always back up His word and that He is never late! The car was not new but it worked well. It was not the color I'd prefer, but it worked well. I was grateful. I knew He gave me that car so I had to be obedient if He asked me to use the car for special purposes (like when my coworkers needed a ride and the Lord would tell me to evangelize to them, which I did). I loved that car, we sure had our ups and downs, but it was still a gift from the Lord. Even if at the end, it had no A/C and missing some parts (like the antenna). Now, God called me out of where I was, back to my country. I had to start from scratch, once again. No car. No public transportation to depend on. No nearby friends. School was 20 minutes away, Church almost 35 minutes away. I couldn't get to school and back home in time, much less had the availability to serve. A prophet friend gave me a word before leaving: "The Lord says He knows what you need before you ask. He says that He already has a car for you. It's exactly how you want it." The word was sealed in my heart, although I didn't really believe it.

It was really bumming. So, I prayed. "Lord, I want to serve. I don't really feel like driving over here, cause it's madness, but I want to serve you and live out those divine appointments that I had with my car". Days, weeks & months passed. I trusted God (I was actually getting comfortable with just being a pedestrian and not being involved in church) so I left it at that. But then I went to a retreat at my church. And I told the Lord I wanted to be a part of what He was doing there! Surely He was calling me to be a part of this and now I was surrendering to His will. And He said I had been faithful with little, so He was going to give me more (Matt. 25:21). He also said I had honored Him and that He was going to honor me (1 Samuel 2:30). I believed Him. Before coming down from the retreat I took claim of the word I was given and prayed for a car, the way I wanted it. Some people think we shouldn't pray for things, and I respect that. But I pray according to His will, and His will for my life involved a car. He had done it before, no doubt He could do it again.

"Mom, I'm back from the retreat, could you pick me up?" I asked my mom that Sunday afternoon.
"I'm already here!" she responded.
"Well, I don't see your car, where are you?"
"I'm here," waving her hand enough for me to see, "I have a surprise for you."

I started crying.
She came to pick me up in my car. My red car. My new car.
You see, the Lord already had my car. He was waiting for me to surrender to His will and align my heart with His. He had the answers. He had what I needed and wanted because He saw my faithfulness with the car I had before, the one I needed but didn't really want. He was weaving His story. The enemy tried to rob my blessing that week, I can't sugarcoat this discipleship life I chose, but in the end I knew He had overcome. The enemy will try to discourage you and pretend that God likes to play with our hearts, it's all a lie. Don't believe him for a second. God is faithful. This girl still has her car for the Glory of God. He weaved me in. Let Him weave your life too.

I've said that I struggle with prayer, but that's not true. I struggle with hope. I give up hoping because my reality beats me. I'm actually really good at prayer (alone, anyways). I just want you to know that wherever you find yourself, pray. Don't expect, just tell the Lord what's going on. He's not a genie, but He gives good gifts. Let Him weave His story for your life.
{p.s. how did this blog get over 300 followers? insane. Let's all go out for tea!}

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  1. GOD is so awesome. That is exactly how it works. It requires us to have faith and trust Him. Sure it's hard and sometimes it may seem like it's taking forever, but the key is that He never forgets. He knows all the desires of our hearts and if we are willing to be patient and rely on Him, then He will always come through. Always!

    Great post. I'm happy for you. I hope you are enjoying your new, red car!

  2. Tea sounds delightful! ;)

    Beautiful blog post!

  3. That's awesome about 300 followers!! You rock girl!
    And that's SO SO SO inspiring! I loved it! I've been thinking about prayer a lot lately and how sometimes praying for stuff is seen as bad but the Bible says God gives gifts to His children. He wants to bless us and WILL bless us when we are in the right way. He just has to tweak a little then He releases the blessings! I love Him.

  4. This is such an encouraging post, thanks for sharing!

  5. He is so amazing!!!! and a new car:) so fun!

  6. Oh, goodness!

    This exactly what I am struggling through. I need a car, but the Lord hasn't provided one yet. But I know He is faithful and His Word tells us that He knows our needs before we even tell Him.

    But Glory to God! This encourages me so much!

    Love you!


    PS- I could ttly see you driving a red car!

    PSS- When I a home this winter, we'll have to plan a Starbuck's Date or something along the lines.

  7. A wonderful post! Thank you for sharing. God never puts more on us than He thinks we can handle -- that's what I remind myself of in tough situations (and may theses situations be as small or as big as they can be).
    God is great. Beautiful post, my Dear.

  8. Amazing story!! Thank you so much for sharing! :)

  9. Beautiful story! :) I like the term "weaving."

  10. everytime i read anything you write I am beyond blessed. i love reading about the adventure that living for God really is.
    this is why you got too 300 followers, you share you heart and the realities of living for God and its beautiful and encouraging to read. i wish we could get tea, but i'm sure you live super far from me *sad face* i know we would have such a good time hanging out! xoxo

  11. this post is so beautiful and encouraging! thanks for posting this girl, for everyone!
    xo TJ


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