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posted on: 12.29.2011

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About 2 years ago, this blog became a reflection of my relationship with God: quiet times, our conversations, divine appointments & divine assignments. It wasn't something I wanted. We all know that religion can be a uncomfortable topic. We desperately want to believe truth is relative. But God gave me courage to speak, to hope, pray, believe & to let go of this blog and give it to Him.
In just 2 days, 2012 will be here and I can't help but praise God for all He taught me.
Here are the favorite posts of 2011:
  1. To Those Who Trust Him what a season of waiting is all about.
  2. How Do I Know God's Will? God's will is much more simple than we think.
  3. So, You Want To Hear His Voice? pt 1 how to hear God's voice.
  4. Our Courtship Story the guy writes about courtship & our story.
  5. Insatiable Thirst; Our need for Intimacy part 1 what we lack and why we lack it.
  6. Lady Lessons: A Godly Girlfriend Gennean gives us insight on how to honor God in our girlfriend role.
  7. Offended When God offends us.
  8. A Faith That Waivers Abraham was a man a faith, but why?
  9. Grounded in the Imaginary what faith is.
  10. The Art Of Waiting Gracefully singlehood, waiting & God's timing.
  11. A Tea Bag Of Contentment true contentment that glorifies God.
  12. Divine Story what the Lord taught me about prayer.
  13. My Load of Laundry life goes in cycles. God provides the softener.
  14. Life like Film God spoke to me through a photography metaphor.
  15. Weaving God is weaving your life story.
  16. Grateful Journey where He took me and where I have yet to go.
  17. Broken Statement only the broken can be holy.
  18. He Makes Me Something we fall and yet He calls us beautiful
  19. Be A Lady: Speak Like A Lady  a lady is full of graceful words
  20. He Makes You Worthy He makes us what we could never be on our own

My prayer for 2012 is this:
Lord, 'until You and I are one'

8 Smiles:

  1. I just found your blog and I am excited to go through your top 10 posts! I'm excited to follow your adventures through 2012!

  2. Mmm I love your little prayer at the end. :) Right on sweet girl!

  3. I Just Love Your Blog!!! Your Words are So INSPIRING and I love it....
    Keep Smiling and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

  4. As allways - messages straight to my heart :) Happy New Year sister!

    //Sofie from Sweden

  5. Great wrap up post! So glad I found this blog!

  6. Just found your blog I love it!


  7. Sister, your blog has seriously encouraged me SO much in the last year! Thanks for your honesty, authenticity, and willingness to hit us with the truth!!! So grateful for you friend!

  8. Such a beautiful blog, girl. Just Beautiful!!! <3 Love your soul.


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