DIY: Recycled Envelopes

posted on: 12.21.2011

Add a little spice to letter sending with this fun DIY. I used to always have magazines around and now, I always have catalog issues! I didn't want to completely throw them out, so I came up with a unique way to recycle, reuse & send beauty around the world.

What you will need:
  1. Ruler
  2. Tape
  3. Scissors 
  4. Round Corner Puncher (optional)
  5. Pencil
  6. Magazines/Catalogs (I'm using antro & boho)
  7. Envelope templates [Download here: shape 1, shape 2, shape 3]
    (you could always deconstruct an envelope and use that as template)

Choose the pages you wants to use. Trace the templates on the pages with a pencil (I use the ruler  as well to be a little more precise) and cut the shape with scissors. Decide which part will be the front and fold opposite to it, shown in the video. If needed, round the corners. Tape to hold shape in place. Put letter in, add a stamp & addresses, and mail it! Easy, simple, fun & green :)

    I'm also opening the penpal exchange to girls who are interested! It's something I personally love doing. My letters have gone to Italy, India, Africa, UK, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic & within the US. I'm open to talk about the things of God, books, photography, music, recipes & life experiences.
    • Girls ages 13-25 (Under 18 should have parents consent)
    • International citizens 
    • Blog owners (for safety reasons)
    Just shoot me an email with the link to your blog & mail address. If you want to get a cute little holiday card from me, do it ASAP!

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    1. Loving the new blog header and bookmarking this DIY!

    2. Mmmm...these are beautiful! An absolutely wonderful idea! And it is so sweet of you to write to girls! Wherever do you find the time?

    3. oh wow :) that's such a lovely idea. getting real post is always amazing. :) xx

    4. 1. the blog looks amazing.
      2. you look so adorable and i like the style of the video.
      3. who sings that song in it?
      4. love the idea of making envelopes that way.
      5. would love to do the pen pal exchange! i'll e-mail you.
      LOVE YOU!

    5. You have a lovely blog!!! And a letter exchange? What a simply delightful idea. ;)

      I love the little writing, "It was His will for you to stumble here."

      May the Lord bless you immensely to-day!
      Miss Grace
      come visit sometime @

    6. aww, thank you for the sweet note on my blog. ;) was very happy to have a new visitor. I think I shall follow yours as it is so lovely.


    7. So fun. I would totally sign up, but I'm such a bad pen pal! But maybe I will make an envelope anyway :)

    8. :0 LOVE THIS!!! So much, and that cute video, how dang adorable are YOU?! I like this idea a ton b/c I have that same issue, I mean who doesn't!? Awesome thank you so much for sharing this idea! Can't wait to do it!

    9. Such a great idea! Love watching a video of how to make something!

    10. Hola mamita espero que te encuentres bien. hace tiempito que no entraba a tu blog. trate de buscar un email para enviarte algo mas personalisado pero no lo encontre... "es q aun soy una novata en esto de bloguear lol"... me encanta loo que has echo con esta tu pagina y si puedes comunicate conmigo para haver si me puedes ayudar a poner la mia asi de chulisnakin como la tuya... antes de que te fueras para PR en el birth day que fuimos me prometistes que me ayudarias :( ;) bueno espero tu contestacion mi email es Bendiciones... y que la paz de Dios este contigo hoy y siempre... Kiry...

    11. Hiya, I left a comment about penpals on 20 Something Bloggers, and you left me a link to your blog.

      First, Thank you so much.
      I'd be really interested in the who penpal exchange thing.

      I don't know if your still doing it, or you've already too many people, but here's my email if your still interested.

      My blog is also..
      (just so you can check im sane and all that first lol)



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