Hey guys!

posted on: 2.18.2012

I'm here with an update on life.
I just got back from visiting the guy,
celebrating my birthday & having a  great Valentine's.
I also got a job two weeks ago at a vintage boutique shop
as a photographer/videographer!!
Needless to say, I'm loving it =D

That's all for now, I'm gonna eat the rest of this fried ice cream, yumm!
Have a happy weekend!

p.s. are we instagram friends yet?

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  1. You are gorgeous. I missed you..sad. We must catch up via Skype date please?! thanks.
    and I love the new look..fresh and pretty for spring! yay!

  2. Glad you had a wonderful time with your guy! Yay! Also, glad your Hearts Day was lovely, and truly hope you have a relaxing weekend! :)

  3. Yay you're back!!!
    I hope you had a great time with the guy (DUH you did).
    Congrats on your new job! So perfect for you :)

  4. yay for the new job :)~~!!
    sounds exciting. This is in Spain right? that is where your currently living??
    Sorry for my lack of memory :/. I plan on writing you soon btw I just haven't really been home or had time too but I plan on it very much so :D!
    And whatever your eating looks amazing.
    As does your outfit.
    Blessings chica!


  5. Congrats on the new job! :-)



  6. that's so exciting about the job!! congratulations :)

  7. Woohoo! Your new job sounds super amazing. I'm sure you love it! :) I can't wait to see some photos of your trip to see your man! :)

  8. Sounds lovely, enjoy your new job.


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