ayer: primero de mayo/2012

posted on: 5.02.2012

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April of this year was a month of planning, re-designing & hard work. This month doesn't bring the weight that the previous one did and I'm kinda grateful for that. The way I see it is more like April was a month of sowing and May will be month of reaping. I can't wait to gather the harvest.

A lot of re-designing is going on. Not just on this site or my photography one, I'm talking about my life as well...or rather His life.
I'm growing up; the Lord is stretching me and taking me down roads I never thought I'd be. The message is clear though: Set your mind on things above. It's hard when so much is going on around you. Then I remember to be still.
How could I stand here with You, and not be moved by you?

A spontaneous outing with my dad happened today. After a busy day at school, I went with him to take care of an errand at the urban city. This city wasn't always like it is today, there's a lot of history here. Especially in my parents life. My mom went to college here, while my dad actually lived here and worked at a Burger King that is still here today.
I like going to this city, but only with my parents, for two reasons:
One reason is because stores are incredibly cheap. I was there two days ago with my mom, and scored these dark denim high-waist skinnys for $15. The other reason is because of how unsafe this city is (more on weekends & after 5pm than anything).

Anyways, I like to go back to this church. It looks abandoned, so I guess it's no longer open, but when a terrible accident happened here in 1996, this church (capilla de la milagrosa) became a symbol of hope, grace & healing to all who needed it. People were being pulled right into the house of God! In the midst of everything going on, the Lord's house was a refuge. How powerful is that?!
I came to realize that in the middle of this city, a city in desperate need of Him, God is here. And that's what God is teaching me: He is in the midst of the mundane. Why? Because He is in the midst of His hurting people. So what does the Lord do? He is places me right in the middle of it and promises to walk by my side to keep me safe, just like my dad did today.
He wants to be a refuge, through me, to those around me.

We finished the day with our father-daughter tradition: going to Kmart for pizza & slushies. We've been doing this since I was three. They still play music in the store and my dad & I still get caught in the aisles dancing, but I wouldn't have it any other way.
How could it be any better than this?

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  1. wow. i loved this :D as always, you're so inspiring girl! :) thank you!

  2. This was beautiful, Ashley.
    It is so very evident that He is growing you in wonderful ways.

    I also wanted to take a minute to thank you for emailing in response to one of my comments back in late December. (I commented on the post The art of waiting gracefully.) Your email and you letting me know that you were praying for me truly blessed me.

    I'm excited to say that by God's grace and guidance that friendship that seemed in transition is now a courtship over three months in. I was even able to share a poem about it on my blog on Monday. God is very faithful.

    I pray that He continues to grow you daily.
    Thank you for encouraging others with the words He leads you to write.


  3. I didn't know Kmart had pizza!?! Looks delish. And I love the new design, simply lovely!!!


  4. Oopsie,

    Love your faith in our dear Lord..

  5. Girl, this post was just what I needed today. "Set your mind on things above." I've been without my computer for the past week and am using one somewhere else today, and I immediately began feeling overwhelmed, inferior, & jealous of everything happening with everyone else. So silly! Why do I so easily forget what life is about?

    I love the stories about you and your dad. :) Sounds like you guys have a cool relationship.

  6. Oh, and I totally forgot to tell you that your new design looks fabulous!

  7. So happy to see you posting again! I like that song you took the text in orange from. Good song.
    And your new layout looks WONDERFUL. You always do such an amazing job.

  8. Love the new blog look Ashley!!! So pretty and fresh looking =D

  9. it is so awesome how even in the midst of trials, we know that the only one we can run to is God!
    I am excited for May for you Ashley, so excited for you to grow! You are awesome and I know you will do great things!

  10. gosh i love your blog so much, always. always lovely style & photos (i'm swooning over your shoes & outfit & the dreaminess of this place) but, also, always your faith. it's beautiful. xo.

  11. This post made my heart skip a beat! You have such a wonderful blog, I'm definitely following you now. And you are adorable, by the way!

  12. These photos are great!! LOVEEE.

  13. What a beautiful post! I love how God just shows us things sometimes that we don't expect! Looks like it was a fun day with your dad. :)

    - Erin :)


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