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posted on: 5.27.2012

I'm getting personal here.
I work in the fashion industry as a photographer.
No, I don't do runways, but I work with fashion models and fashion designers the most.
I started back in 2008, had to stop in 2009 during my freshman year and I'm back at it again.
It's truly an opportunity to be a part of it and also a tough industry to break into.
I've had other photographers say, not only that they're better than me,
but that I don't have all the equipment necessary to succeed.
I remain the same against those words. I believe the best shots  of all time were taken with film cameras. Photography is not equipment. Being limited is the beauty of creating art.
I know where I stand though. My camera is just a vehicle for God, just like my guitar was
when God called me to lead worship for a time. God gives gifts temporarily.

Anyways, because I was part of it at an early age as a model, I am able to reach the girls a lot faster.
I was surprised God would call me to the industry that wounded me so much;
He certainly redeems.

I love my girls and pray daily for them, hoping they see Jesus in their success (&/or fails).
Many don't agree with what I do, and that's fine,
but I am called to be light in the midst of darkness ("but where sin increased, grace abounded all the more.."- Romans 5:20). 

I guess what I'm trying to say is: pray for the fashion industry.

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  1. Love that you're obediently following where you believe He is calling you! Praying for you and your ministry with the fashion industry, and remember that our light shines the brightest in the darkness! Praise God!

  2. I love this post. Love the honesty. Love your obedience, and love the faith and devotion to Jesus behind it all. I cannot tell you how beyond...comforting? relieving? has been to find others who were called into worship leading, and then called right back out of it.

    "I know where I stand though. My camera is just a vehicle for God, just like my guitar was
    when God called me to lead worship for a time. God gives gifts temporarily."

    It was for edification. Preparation. You (we) have been displaced from a safe place...a house of places of darkness. Dry, barren lands. And always remember, you are so not alone there, too. (Ephesians 3:20). For, you are more than qualified. More than prepared. More than skilled, gifted. And most importantly - more than EMPOWERED by His Holy Spirit <3

    It's funny how God moves. No. Wait. It's not funny. It's beautiful.

    Praying along side of you, sweet sister <3

  3. This is a truly inspiring and wonderful post. It's nice that you're following your dreams and enjoying what you do, God will be by your side! xx

  4. praise God for how He redeems and that He DOES call His followers to go minister in the darkness. He is so good.

  5. Ashely, I LOVE the way you ended this.
    That's ultimately it. You're being a light to this dark place just by being YOU. You don't need to strive to be a certain kind of photographer. Just be you and you'll set a lot of girls free :)

  6. I don't think your gifts are temporary, but I do believe God moves us into different ministries where He is working, and wants us to come along side Him :)

    I got really excited for you reading this post. God has called you into a place, that, like you said, is hard to break into to. And how amazing that you know first hand the wounds that it can cause, but also the healing that Jesus can bring! I'm excited about the girls God will bring to you, and the way He'll use you to impact their lives. I'll be praying for you, too!

    (Y esa foto en el viejo san juan.. made my heart flutter!. I love my island.)

  7. that's so cool!
    don't let anyone's rude comments bring you down. ♥

  8. The fashion industry sure could use more like you working in it! And I think you're photography skills are great! Keep at it girl! =D

  9. That's so awesome how God can use something that used to be bad in your life and turn it to good! I used to be involved in the entertainment industry (acting, film etc.) and God told me to stop so I did because it wasn't good. He gave me acting for a while. But then He turned it to good and I'm really wanting to direct/produce/write.
    Man oh man, God has a lot of stuff up his sleeve.

  10. Wow. The pictures are amazing!! So beautiful!

  11. Sending prayers your way. Continue doing what you're doing! You have a gift, the pictures are phenomenal.

  12. That certainly is an industry that needs help right now! I admire you for trying to bring the joy of Jesus into a place that needs it so much. :)


  13. I love these pictures and I love this post! there is obviously a reason you're in that industry!
    thank you ashley!

  14. you r so talented!and i love how you said God called you to and then out. I had never thought of this before. BUt this is so beautiful! Continue being faithful to him xoxo

  15. I LOVE this! I figured you were in this industry. I just love your view on this! I'm glad you are standing your ground when people try to bully you about equipment and such. That is just the worst and it's so hard for it not to get to me. I'd love to see more of your work besides what I view on instagram!

  16. This is so great girl. I'm so proud of you! We need more like you out there.

  17. Oh Amen and kudos for you! I can see how this is all tough stuff. I use to model for about 4 years, and they burned me bad. Real bad. And what a God of redemption we have! And for Him to call you back in as a photographer, what a BOLD God we serve! He is using you like crazy!!! You got it right, we ARE to be a LIGHT in a dark world, and you are obedient my friend. What a faithful daughter you are to our King! And good for you, you're right, creativity and photography is not equipment. xo

  18. you do fantastic work ashley.

    He certainly does redeem. i loved that.


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