Back from India: Do We Have the Heart of God?

posted on: 6.01.2012

Downtown Kolkata I (Louis) am back from my life-changing trip to India.
God spoke.
I was broken.
It was a fantastic trip.

Before I say anything else, I want to thank everyone who supported me in any way, whether through prayer or finances, thank you!

There is so much that God showed me while in India. I'm not going to even try to state all of it, but I will share one big thought. Do we have the heart of God? Over the course of my time in India, God challenged me to desire His heart. I do. I desire to see life the way He sees it. I long to hear people as He hears people. I want the heart of God.

The big question became, how do I attain it? God revealed that I have to make time for His presence. I have to be a man of prayer. In Matthew 26 we see Jesus wrestling with His father will. He asks God that if there is anyway, perhaps He could take the cup of death from Him. Later on in that same chapter, though, we find Jesus actually fighting for His death to occur, stating to Peter, "all these things must happen for the prophecies to be fulfilled." What? The Son of man was just asking God to take death from Him, and now He's fighting for it? Where did He attain the heart of God? Where did He become content with the will of God? It was when He was on His knees. It was when He was found in the presence of God.

It's the presence of God that is going to change this country. It is the bold spirit of faith in Christ followers, who know who they are in Christ, that are going to turn this country upside down for the sake of the gospel. I'm not sure why I had to go to India to see what urgency we should have for Christ in this country, but I don't think that really matters. We have to long for the heart of God. Not only do we have to long for the heart of God, but we must seek after it.

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  1. i love this. very challenging....what an extraordinary trip!

  2. Fabulous, fabulous thoughts. As my dad says, prayer is agreeing with God. It makes me happy that He revealed more of your heart to you on this trip. I'm headed on one this summer too, and I can't wait to see what God has in store for me.

  3. Beautiful post.
    What an awesome opportunity that more people should have.
    Glad you made it there and back safely.
    It's amazing how God works and how he chooses to show us things if we open our eyes and allow him to guide us.

    Mrs White

  4. that really got me thinking. i do want the heart of God! thank you for sharing wiht us and posting pictures.

  5. India looks like such a wonderful place, the pictures are terrific and lovely post! God bless xx

  6. Beautiful post. India has been on my heart so much lately. I wrote a paper for school about their female foeticide issue and that and the caste system made me want to go there so badly. Definitely one of my main goals in life is to touch the "untouchables" of India.

  7. This is an absolutely beautiful post. Wonderful pictures, amazing thoughts. So happy this trip was so thought-provoking and wonderful.

    - Katelyn

  8. love this. I recently went to Mexico and although it was a weekend trip God worked more on my heart than anything else external. I love that He sometimes has to take us away from everything in order to get such a simple yet overlooked message across.


  9. amazing! i'm gonna be teaching ancient indian history and this is just beautiful :)

  10. amazing post and beautiful pictures.
    and you're so right... it's through prayer that we attain the heart of God.
    sometimes we don't even know what to pray for, but the Spirit... He prays for us!
    thank you for sharing!

  11. I didn't even realize you went to India! Sometimes I will stop reading blogs for a while because I think I am bugging someone--, what a blessing to hear from God the way you did A! Have you ever read the book THE ONLY NECESSARY THING by Henri Nouwen? It's about prayer, but more about being in God's presence too, also PRACTICING THE PRESENCE OF GOD by Brother Lawrence? SO so good, LIFE changing.
    What you said is vital and so so true. And lovely wonderful pictures, I am so glad you were broken, because that is where true humility is found, and healing begins...and we start to get back to the way God created us to be...oh to have the heart of God, and to look like HIM.

    1. I did read those from Henri Nouwen and the Brother lawrence, so so so so good indeed! But it was Louis who went to india, although I really want to go :D


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