10 happy things // Rylie

posted on: 12.19.2012

Here are 10 happy things that happened to Rylie this year:
  1. Meeting and falling in love with the people of Puerto Rico.
  2. Celebrating my great-grandparent’s 60th anniversary. They’re my absolute favorite people and I’m so very blessed by them.
  3. Meeting my baby brother, Gabe.
  4. Filling out applications and getting ready for my first out-of-country mission trip!
  5. A birthday surprise that shall remain unnamed (I promise it was nothing dangerous, illegal, or sinful. I’ll just leave it at that) ;)
  6. Watching a generation of young people rise up and speak out against the injustice that is human trafficking. This was one of the most powerful things I’ve ever seen. Way to go, Passion 2012!
  7. Nashville thrifting excursions with my cousins, aunts, and mom.
  8. Getting to spend Thanksgiving on the beach. This was a first, and, oh, it was my favorite.
  9. Getting more involved with organizations both local and international. (Imani, No. 41, ICA)
  10. More than anything this year, the Lord has proven Himself faithful and true. He continues to amaze me and bless me beyond reason... I cannot help but praise Him. He’s so worthy.

Thank you so much Rylie! 
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  1. I've been thinking of writing a sort of - closing of the year post - on my blog and after reading these "10 happy things" posts on your blog i think i may want to try it out myself! May I post about my "10 happy things" on my blog? and obviously i will link your blog as my inspiration! :)

  2. Having thanksgiving on the beach seems like a dream come true, I hope I will be able to enjoy that very soon!

  3. These posts always make me so happy.:)

  4. Lovely photos!

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