Always Christmas, never winter.

posted on: 12.29.2012

Christmas weekend was lovely.
 I made new friends & fell more in love with you.
"To love another is to see the face of God." —Les Miserables 

 with you it's always Christmas, never winter.

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  1. Oh! Those last two photos are gorgeous!
    Such a beautiful setting.

    This post made me smile. =)

  2. oh my gosh swooning because i understand these references and this is your friendly reminder that you and louis go together better that cupcakes and my mouth. okay, maybe a close second. :P :) ;)

  3. Eep, the second to last photo is my fav! You two are adorale, as usual. :)

  4. this is amazing :) love the photos + post! happy new year x

  5. Beautiful pictures. I also like the quote.

  6. Awww, I love your photos.:) I am so happy you had a great Christmas.I also love that quote.

  7. oh dear.. too precious. Love the pictures at the bottom. sigh, feign, sigh... so sweet :)



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