Friday Freebie: Light to those in the darkness

posted on: 12.07.2012

on your iPhone, access this site > open image above in a new page > Click and hold over the image > save image >set as lock screen.
I'm releasing free wallpapers for iPhone/phones over my twitter.
But in case you don't follow me, or maybe missed them, I will be posting them on the blog now!
They usually feature Scripture or some encouraging lyrics. This has helped me memorize Scripture better & to be reminded of the Lord in the face of distractions.

Here are some free wallpapers you may have missed: 01  02

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  1. Aww! This is such a good idea. Do these wallpapers work for Android phones? :/

  2. I wish I had a snazzy phont so I could use it! Maybe someday...:)
    By the way, you won an award at my blog!

  3. Hey! I am your newest follower. I love your blog and your heart for God is contagious! I look forward to reading :)


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