10 happy things

posted on: 12.06.2012

This year has brought many tough moments as well a joyful ones!
It has been a year of joyful tears, as Sydney said in one of her letters.
As the year closes, I want to rejoice in thanksgiving for the happy things I've experienced this year.
I've asked a couple of people to join in and share their happy moments of 2012 too!
Here are my happy moments:
  1. Photographing weddings this year.
  2. Taking pictures of baby Adkins in his mom's belly a few days before his birth.
  3. Getting published.
  4. God placing me in an amazing church in PR.
  5. The friends I've made that have hearts fully committed to following the Lord.
  6. Spending quality time with each of my parents. They're my best friends.
  7. My best friend spending the night with me when she came to PR.
  8. Receiving emails from Louis in India!
  9. God transitioning me out of the wilderness; each season
    gets better & better with Him.
  10. Accepting the love I don't think I deserve: agreeing to marry Louis.

12 Smiles:

  1. Congratulations on your engagement! :)

    It's been a good year. I'm looking forward to greater things next year :)

  2. Girl you are so BEAUTFUL!!! I really LOVED reading this, it was so great!!! I is so AMAZING that GOD is working in your life!!! I just wanted to ask you if you would follow me on my blog?:) Thanks!!:)

  3. YAY I love happy lists! Also girl, how do you stay so thin? Please tell me your secret. xo

    1. umm hahaha! Genetics? I can't say I do anything to purposely be thin. Stay healthy though :)

  4. This is a beautiful list!

  5. it's always great to recapture the moments that molded and shaped you for the better or worse.

  6. What a year. I am so happy for you.:) And you are beautiful, inside and out.

  7. I love this. So grateful that we are friends, you beautiful girl!!

  8. what a beautiful reflection of a thankful heart.


  9. What a lovely list! it's always great to be thankful to God for the year that has passed. Thanks for the reminder.


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