It's December 1st!

posted on: 12.01.2012

December marks the end of many things for me;
The end of the year, various trials & school.
It also marks the end of a waiting period to see my guy, you bet I'm excited!
It's going to be an intense month, since I'll be traveling the next couple of weeks.
The guy & I are going to Passion 2013! (anyone else going?)
Also—starting this Dec 5th, I will be sharing some happy people & things every Wednesday of this month!

Anyways, here's some things I did recently:

spending time with some good friends after thanksgiving!
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I also saw Perks of Being a Wallflower—which was great by the way—with this lady:

It's always a real treat when I get to spend time with this chic! She came down for Thanksgiving & I got to see her for three days straight! She shares my love for art, finding cool places in PR and has an eyes for beauty. I've blogged about her before & have photographed her countless times. She's an artist,  and an inspiration, from the things she wears to the things she makes. She's graduating next year from FIT & specializing herself in Knitwear. She's also engaged! I'm grateful for your friendship & being a part of your life amidst the distance.

I'm also wrapping up my classes!!
This painting was part of my presentation for one of my Psychology classes. 
I had to pick a movie to analyze from a theoretic standpoint. 
I did it based on Edward Scissorhands & a Social Psychology theory that explains how this movie is a satire that exposes the suburbs society as uniformed, corrupt & unable to cope with a creative individual who cannot conform to them. I explained how the first scene of the movie is a metaphor of Little Red Riding Hood, emphasizing Tim Burton's main point. 
Burton's contrast of a horror story & a fairytale also highlight what Burton shows of our American society.
Anyways, I wanted to add a visual element to the presentation based on the film and I painted this.
The reason why I'm hyping about it so much is because it's my first portrait painting & I did it in two days. TWO DAYS. Have you seen the size of this canvas? Yeah. The professor ended up keeping it and was really humbled about it.

And, I just can't help it! This movie screams Christmas for me, how could I not pick it?

I'm also getting my crochet on.
Goodbye summer weather & hello winter,
you're my excuse to cuddle L as we walk...
It's nice to finally blend in when I ask for hot cocoa, it's normal in the cold.

What are you excited about December? 
Any special plans or traditions you can't wait to do?

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  1. Wow!

    Wonderful job on the painting!
    I knew that it was Edward as soon as I saw it.
    Then I went on to read your words and was pleased to find that I was correct. But, I was even more pleased to read the story of the painting.

    I'm excited to finish my first semester of college, begin winter break, and give gifts that I've been meaningfully excited to give to others for over a over a month now. =)

  2. WOW your are so beautiful in the pictures!!! I really LOVE the first pictures!!! Have a great weekend!!:)

    1. shucks, you're making me blush! gracias <3

  3. Love this! And I love your art! I saw snippets on instagram of you painting in (I assume) and love how it turned out!

    1. Thank you so much Mary! yes, it was my latest painting project :D

  4. PASSION! Yay, I'm thrilled you are going, if you haven't gone before, it will be an amazing experience. I'm looking forward to it! :)

    This painting is lovely! Way to go!!

    1. It's my first time!! I'm so exciteeeddddd

  5. I'm so excited for your accomplishments of this month, lovely! Your painting is completely amazing and inspiring. Bravo.


  7. oh you are just too beautiful! that red lipstick almost looks like your natural color lip. haha blessings sis and I enjoyed hearing your love for one of your close friends. Praise God for those sisters who keep us walking in sanity! Btw. who is doing PASSION 2013? That sounds pretty exciting!! And where at?


    1. It's in Atlanta, GA!

  8. I love the first photo, so pretty! x

  9. You should be a model, you are so neat looking!

  10. your painting is AMAZING
    and i'm so jealous to see you wear all this summer stuff while its december

  11. You and your lady friends are so gorgeous! Also, your painting is insanely awesome! Love it!

    PS: We'll have to exchange numbers before Passion so we can meet up!!! (I'm crazy excited about it, btw!)

  12. amazing blog!!! i follow you now ;)
    i would love to follow me back because I really love your blog!!

  13. oooh what are you making? Looks amazing!

    I haven't ever been to Passion, but I really want to go to The One Thing Conference at IHOP, ever been? It's in December, the weekend after christmas in KC, MO. I SO hope to go next year!

    xo safe travels...

  14. hey this is the very first time I leave comment in your blog.. Although I visit it for such a long time... But this time I had too. I'm going to Passion too. We should meet up all of us 'bloggers lovers.
    I kind of going by myself I have a friend who is volunteer so she is not participating in the conference.
    Would be nice to have someone to hang out.
    Let me know.. we should exchange number as Jennifer Blair said...


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