año nuevo

posted on: 1.01.2013

A new year is finally here and yesterday seems like a distant memory.
2012 was a year of "joyful tears", of valleys and deserts, of struggles & victories... 
nonetheless, I'm content with letting 2012 behind and taking ahead all it taught me.

I'm currently at Passion 2013 (thank you Living Proof & Beth Moore) expecting God to fill me & prepare me for all that 2013 holds. 
I'm expecting to learn more about who God is and to be less consumed with who I am. 
Oh, and I also want to learn to love L each day more & to serve him well when we become one.

 "The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me;
    your steadfast love, O Lord, endures forever.
    Do not forsake the work of your hands."
—Psalm 138:8
What are you expecting this 2013?

p.s. I don't intend to top the first post from last year, but hey—I'm still starting the year centered on the cross!

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  1. Passion is amazing! I went for it a couple of years back when it came to Malaysia. :) It'll only turn out awesome!

    I guess I don't really have much expectations this year, so I'm just planning to take it day by day, and see what happens next. But I'm definitely gonna learn to let go and let God steer my life.

    Happy New Year, Ashley! Hope it turns out to be an absolutely fulfilling year for you. x

  2. i love that photo collage of all the months and their best moments <3
    soo cute! i need to become more picture savvy this year!!

  3. Have fun at Passion! I'll be watching the LiveStream wishing I was there!

  4. I hope Passion is filling you with the Holy Spirit, enabling you to do all God wants you to do this year!Praying for you!:)

  5. You are at Passion? I decided to join the Memory verse team for this year, I thought it was mostly for older women. I am glad to see someone around my age been a part of it, now I am interested in going next year. Let us know how you enjoyed it. Happy New Year Hun.

  6. Have a very blessed 2013!!!



  7. Praise God. I would go for beth moore, lecrae, piper and chan forsure. I never even knew they were speaking there nor did i know about the event itself. haha But yeah I pray you are fed, filled and overwhelmed with the Holy Spirit to work and will you to do all things through Our savior who will give you strength this year :) He is mighty to save.

    Your beautiful.
    Be blessed.
    have you posted any wedding info yet?(i never come on anymore) So excited for all God is doing and will do sis. Blessed to see your blessings!


  8. It's always a blessing to find another christian blogger :) I enjoyed reading your blog! Keep writing for Him so that many others will come to know the greatness of our God!

  9. What a darling wrap up! I love this. Thank-you for the encouraging verse this morning. Beautiful words!

  10. I adore your blog & the way you live for Christ!
    It is so encouraging.
    PS. I was ALSO at Passion this year. :)

    much love,



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