10 happy things // Laura

posted on: 12.31.2012

Here are 10 happy things that happened to Laura this year:
  1. I passed the most difficult class of my Bachelor's Degree with flying colors. 
  2. My fiancé (at the time) got the chance to work at the Marine Corps recruiting office in Puerto Rico and he was home for a month.
  3. I married my best friend on May 14th. 
  4. I had an amazing day out with all of my Forever 21 co-workers, we drank, we ate and we watched the sunset at El Morro.
  5. I travelled to Miami with my mom and our wedding planner, in search for the perfect wedding dress and found it!
  6. I started a blog and have kept posting ever since. 
  7. After two months of stress and countless prayers, the Marine Corps allowed me to join my husband in his PCS to Okinawa, Japan. I feel so blessed to be able to experience all of the things this island has to offer with my husband by my side. 
  8. We have the chance to experience our first holidays together, in our own home. 
  9. Gustavo got promoted faster than he ever thought it would happen. 
  10. I've met too many lovely girls here on island the past three months! If it wasn't for instagram, facebook and tumblr, i don't know where i would be.
I'm ready to kiss 2012 goodbye and welcome the New Year!

May 2013 bring many blessings to you, Laura
Thank for sharing :) 

This is the last entry for the series, thank you so much to all who shared! 
I wish you the very best for 2013.

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