Wisdom Wednesday: Beautiful differences

posted on: 5.15.2013

I do not understand why some people are...denying the beautiful differences between men & women.... God has created each one of us, every human being, for greater things—to love and to be loved. But why did God make some of us men and others women? Because a woman's love is one image of the love of God, and a man's love is another image of God's love. Both are created to love, but each in a different way. Woman and man complete each other, and together show forth God's love more fully than either can do alone.
—Mother Teresa

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  1. well my gosh. ain't this the truth.

  2. THANK YOU. more people need to read and realize this.

  3. Beautifully written.


  4. Totally agree. Thanks for sharing this :)

  5. lovely. just reading mother teresas name really convicts me. The heart of a missionary always convicts me... I find myself meditating on the verses "HERE I AM LORD! SEND ME...!"

    blessings sis



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